We are introducing you to the world of casino, more specifically Gambling in Canada. From this guide, you will understand the complete options you have as a Canadian player. Where to play both online and within your own country. We will discuss the business of casino, gambling laws, and responsible gambling measures so that you play safely and smartly.  

Canadian Casino Laws 

So, first things first, players are able to gamble in Canada, both online and, more obviously, inside the many land-based casinos that are found throughout the beautiful Canadian provinces and territories.  

Online gambling is accepted because the legal casinos complying with the law are registered outside of Canada. It is illegal for businesses based in Canada to form their own online casino service, thusly, the law allows for players to play ‘overseas’, so to speak.  

Despite not being based in Canada, these casinos are like any online service. They can accept players from all provinces and accept Canadian dollar deposits. Those lucky enough to win, will have CAD returned as their winnings. 

For land-based casinos, the laws are simple. At a federal level, gambling is illegal, however, the 1971 Criminal Act gave provincial powers to local government to run their own laws on gambling. Some of Canada’s provinces have a license, whilst others chose not to pursue the opportunity to give locals land-based establishments.  

Provinces and Territories 

Through our site you will find online gambling reviews Canada players will be able to select from and join. In the reviews you’ll find gaming advice on online gambling slots Canada players can enjoy, along with other casino and sports betting games.  

Here we look at the regional impact of gambling. More detail can be found by heading to https://www.casimoose.ca/regional/

Alberta online casino 

Here are some Alberta facts on gambling. The first casino was opened in 1980 in Clagary. Before this, there was a charitable casino in Edmonton. Gambling is regulated by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis agency. They have been in charge since 2006, taking over from the Ministry of Gaming. This is one of the most liberal online gambling Canada provinces. Online services are legal if taking place inside of Foreign casinos online. 

There are 5 land casinos in the area: Yellowhead Casino, Stoney Nakoda Resort, Great Northern, Lethbridge, and Century Casino 

Manitoba online casino 

In Manitoba, the first casino opened in 1984. Two years prior, the lottery foundation was set up. The first native american casino was opened in 2002, run by the Opaskwayak Cree people. Inside their casinos and other first nation sites, video terminals were approved in 2009. 

The casino regulator of this province is the LGA or Liquor and Gambling Authority. Players can also enjoy the online gambling sites Canada has, or there is the choice of five land sites which players can travel to. These include Asneskak Casino, Sand Hills Casino, and Club Regent Casino. 

Ontario online casino 

Not only is online gambling Ontario Canada legal, but you have one of the best provinces for land-based casino sites as well.  

The first casino opened its doors in 1994 and was called the Great Windsor. It took 3 billion in its first year of opening. This success led to the opening of Casino Rama. In 2010 the Ontario lottery was formed and was run by the state with the first and only online site operated within Canada.  

PEI online casino 

The Prince Edward Island province hosts one land casino and one racetrack. The area has little history with gambling. Organized track betting all began back in 1906. The provincial lottery was formed in 1976 and in 2012 the government tried to form its own regulatory body for Canadian casinos, but it never materialised. Though limited on physical options, the best online gambling Canada sites are accessible to residents and visitors of PEI. 

Quebec online casino 

You can continue to access the best online gambling sites Canada has right here in Quebec. You also have one of the largest selections of land casinos to enter as well. It all began back in 1969 when the first lotto was set up to help put funds back into the community. The Montreal Casino was the first built and in 2010 the first official Canadian-run online casino launched.  

The land sites you can visit include the Casino De Mont Treblant, Casino De Charlevoix, and Casino Du Lac Leamy. 

Kahnawake Casino Licensing 

There is a special feature to Canadian gambling and that is the regulatory body of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This is run by the Mohawk tribe of the Kahnawake territory and is its own power away from the federal law. They are the only regulatory body to preside in Canada. They are able to license both land casinos and interactive gaming options without interference.  

The committee is made of three board members that changes every 2 years. 

Responsible Gambling 

When it comes to online gambling, it is important to adopt and incorporate safe and smart measures. The goal is to win but win with profit. So, players need to keep deposits to a minimum whilst maximising their gameplay and uplifting their profits.  

It may sound impossible, but it is the absolute standard for successful gameplay.  

Without a plan or idea of how to play, the risks greatly increase and with this comes surmountable debt. 

Gambling addiction, for this reason, is a very real thing and we encourage all players to seek advice if they are aware that their interests in gambling spills into financial difficulty.  

Here are some organisations that are able to provide professional support: 

Gamtalk: www.gamtalk.org 

RGC: www.responsiblegambling.org  

Play Smart: www.playsmart.ca 

Canada Safety Council: canadasafetycouncil.org  

Canadian Gaming Association: canadiangaming.ca  

CAMH: www.camh.ca  

Problem Gambling Helpline: www.problemgambling.ca 


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