Here Are Some of the Main Reasons You Can Trust Us

Fake news is a huge issue right now. Many newspapers are in the pockets of the rich, so you never know whether the words that you are reading are the truth, or whether some rich businessman has paid the newspaper to write what he wants to suit his own personal agenda. Inaccurate reporting, sensationalism, and media bias are three things that are on everyone’s mind nowadays when they read a news article. It has gotten to the stage where we just do not trust those who are reporting the news. There are some trustworthy news sources though, and we are one of them.

Why Can You Trust Us?

When it comes to newspapers, studies have found that accuracy is one of the main principles of trust. A staggering 85% of Americans believe that it is very important that newspapers and news organizations get all their facts right, regardless of what the news topic is. Accuracy is something that we believe in too, which is why we will always double check any articles before we publish them to make sure that the facts that we are giving are accurate.

Another main principle of trust is timeliness. Studies have shown that around 75% of adults believe that it is vital that a piece of new is up to date and has all of the latest information. Once again, we feel that this is very important too, which is why we make sure that our articles are all up to date.

When it comes to online news, there are three important factors that should be kept to in order to build trust, and these are that adverts do not interrupt the news, the site loads quickly, and that the content is compatible with mobile devices. We can honestly say that we tick all three boxes here.  

You Will Find No Bias Here

About 40% of Americans can remember a specific incident that meant they lost trust in a news outlet, and the two most common issues were inaccuracies or perceived bias. When a piece of news is clearly biased, then there is absolutely nobody out there who is going to trust what they are reading. However, you do not have to worry about reading biased articles on this site as we will always write from a neutral point of view. We hate reading biased news articles ourselves, so it would be highly hypocritical of us to provide you with biased new.